Monday, February 25, 2013

I just realized I never posted pictures of our Barcelona trip...
Oh well better late than never!

I love Lufthansa

water in Frankfurt 2 euro... or....

big beer in Franfurt 2 euro.   seriously? 

and we eat a frankfurter

anyhow we get to barcelona and our hotel is next door to a bar.

and our stupid AC is broken so we leave the window open at night.  No way you can sleep with the noisy bar outside.  I dont think they ever close!!!!

First meal bread with tomato

razor clams

baby cuttlefish

duck liver sandwiches

 mmmm skrimps

couple bottles of wine

some jamon

some fried anchovies


and our check 84 euro for all that delicious food.  Why cant we have these prices in SF???

second day we walked around the markets.  all pictures can be made bigger by clicking!

tons of foie

we ate at barcentral in the marketplace.  I dont really care for this place.  

foods okay but they dont take as much care in the prep as some of the other places.  I guess its more of a tourist trap.  Still good food but pricier than other places that are better.  

dont get the mixed seafood plate.  

everythings overcooked.

I wish we had markets like this here.

pretty candies

pretty dead animals.  you taste so good.

jamon stores

and then we go to grocery stores.  Amina and I looooove going to grocery stores in other countries and pretending we are shopping for dinner.  

why cant we have racks and racks of pork products?

seriously more racks 

and even more racks

premade  paella

and cheeseburgers

wine and cheese

rum and coke


more PORK

then for dinner we went to this place which is popular but u know what... i didnt really care for it.

lots of pintxos and conservas

lots of pickled items mmm m mmmm

seafood platter 

foie with choco bits didnt taste like foie at all

croquettes were okay

this was pretty good.  salmon and some sort of sweet balsamic 

pickled veggies



needed a little something afterward so picked up snacks from a chinese market on the way to the hotel =)

and I watched bloodsport on the ipad hahah!

wake up and go shopping for snacks!

deep fried baby octopus.  

head to lunch and brave the lines at Cal Pep

jesus this place is small


we had clams


mixed seafood fry

tuna tartare

squid and beans

squid and rice

fried artichokes


bye bye cal pep!!!
okay this post is getting long ill have to split it

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