Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TICKETS!!!  my second most favorite meal of 2012.  My goofy face when I got to meet the chef.


Hello Amina do you have your tickets??

Lots of those chinese cats

their mise en place

decor is festive with a very carnival vibe

lots of cooks back there!

the Adria's famous molecular olive.  They were pretty good.  

you eat with tweezers.  Olives served with anchovy

delicious jamon so melt in your mouth good

and the ubiquitous bread and tomato

chef is tiny

seaweed tempura with a seaweed dipping sauce

little pastry poofs topped with lardo and other yummy things. mmmm 

these mini baguettes were sooo airy and light

and rolled with paper thin jamon.  so freaking good

these little muffin things were good too.  This one was filled with cheese

they only use tweezers back there


she was pleasing to the eyes

avacado wrapped fishy

I think this was a beef tartare dish

oysters two ways

deep fried cod

more chinese cats

more jamon and cheese

muffins filled with pork and cheese

so melt in your mouth delicious

oh look a spoon!

and more spoons!  This was a molecular cheese or yogurt type of ball.

 dessert was devine.  Caramelly cake and sorbet

fun fun fun 
so much work for 4 pieces of anchovies!

Thank you chefs!!!

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