Monday, August 6, 2012

Eating Out

In true shittyfoodblog style here are some shitty pictures.  Really shitty pictures of good food.

Duck liver mousse

I know one was a beef tartare and the other was some fried dougnut with buratta cheese the third thing I cant remember.  It was like brandade or something.  

sweet corn and something pancakes

seafood salad and thinly sliced lamb sorta like korean bulgogi

uni topped pancake

some zucchini dish and.... a really bad picture of I cant tell what the hell it is.

followed by some ummm lamb?? or something!  State Bird Provisions I have failed you with the shittypictures.

Wifey was out of town on business so I went to Oyaji without her. HA!!! take that!!!
Had some sashimi

I always get tobiko

I had a pitcher of beer

and some shiro- pig intestine

some fried baby octopus

mmm beer

baby sand eels fried of course

made me thirsty for more beer!

now this... Karasumi... is the Japanese version of Botarga.  Delicious with a slice of daikon

for dessert Uni.


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