Monday, August 6, 2012

Remember that tofu I made?  No huh?  Heres the link

Well I took that and all this crap...
Sous vide some octopus and abalone

Getting all my veggies and crap ready

chopping up my garnishes and stuff

more crap

to make a Japanese themed dinner for MOVIE NIGHT!!!
here we go.  Copying the spoonfulls of hapiness from Koo using home made ankimo

shishito peppers with bonito flakes

ika noodles topped with mentaiko (spiced cod roe) jalapeno and quail egg

garlic spiced eggplant

home made ankimo served with ponzu

Heres the home made tofu.  Used it for agedashi tofu topped with fried baby anchovies and ikura mmmm..

miso roasted eggplant lollis

buta kakuni or pork belly with 4 minute eggs

 seared scallop on spicy kewpie sauce with dashi gelee

and for movie watching snack we have grilled octopus and abalone 

We watched the movie in the "workout\movie" room

watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi on our 10 foot screen =D  was fun.  I was tipsy and talked too much.

and the amazing picture Susan took of the pork belly.  Made it so much prettier than it really was.
Now Im convinced I need to stop taking such shittypictures for the shittyfoodblog.  Food deserves more love than that!!!

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