Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I was looking through Aminas phone the other night and realized she has a ton of pictures of food that I never posted!  Sooo here they are.. most of them dont really fit in with any other post so Ill just throw them all here.  I think this ones a dinner hodge podge of home made stuff.  Mostly korean food mixed with chinese food.

Me behind the sushi bar at Oyaji.  I love that he would let us try making sushi

shrimp peelers and some sort of chinese preserved duck egg and pork dish?  Amina would know.

 lets steam up some dinner!

 in our bamboo steamer and wok!

with preserved pork belly and chinese sausage!

simple and yummy... drizzle with a sweet soy sauce

mabo tofu
 and some sort of beef and broccoli

okay I remember this dish.  It was weird the rack of lamb was so crappy it was hard to cut and I just butchered the crap out of it.  It tasted fine but the texture was crap.  

Colorful japanese dinner at home

with lobster miso soup

and then chinese dim sum breakfast in bed 

amina likes making veggies

as a side for whatever 

oysters from Parkside Tavern near our house.  They arent bad but they arent good.

another dim summy type meal with porridge and green onion pancake

I tried deep frying a bunch of stuff in the fridge.  Might as well if youre gonna heat up that much oil.

steak is huge

we need to eat more whole fish at home

I love bokchoy.  I think its one of my favorite veggies

 some sort of glass noodle and dried shrimp and hairy melon clay pot.  Yeah I said hair melon.

gai lan... you know like that cartoon ni hao gai lan.  What the hell man the girls named chinese brocolli.

Ohhh I forgot about this!  Our friend Lester brought us back some bottarga from europe.  It was yummy.  We grated it over our pasta.  Its dried fish eggs yo!

Korean night.  simple kalbi wraps and couple other sides.

aminas barcelona night again with a bunch of small tapas

and some paella again

I have no clue what meal this is... I see some bacon wrapped something but its not crispy enough looking.

I remember this... we had sue and matt over and they spent the night and I made eggs the next day.  The sausage was kinda gross.  It was from some pig farm 

more clay pot with pork.  

mmmm sea snails 

oh this is shrimp and grits from Brendas.  Look at that creamy deliciousness... look at it!!!

 amina always eats pasta when Im not home

korean chicken soup

more japanese home meals

more curry chicken rice

backyard bbq at andrews

making spring rolls at home

oysters from Chotto

bacon wrapped mochi?? from Chotto

some of my cookbooks.  I am running out of room in my corner.  Its about doubled in size since this picture.

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