Monday, August 13, 2012

So much crap in the fridge!!!

I had some leftover soaked soybeans so I tried making more tofu

Remember you grind them up in a blender with 2 cups of water, boil with 5 more cups water

careful it turns frothy really fast!

 and after you strain and squeeze all the grinds you have soymilk.  You can drink it warm Or fridge it up OR make tofu. 

 With the ground up soybeans and the drained liquid I made a spicy soup

 Heres a tofu mold I stole from moms its pretty compact but perfect for 6oz of dried soybeans

put your pressing cloth and fill the mold up with tofu curds

press it down and BAM you have ugly ass tofu.  I screwed up here.  I was going to just let the tofu sit in a basket and have a round piece and then after it had cooled I decided to put it into the mold and the tofu was already set so it didnt all get mashed together.  Its funny looking tofu.  Ugly tofu.  

also decided to make our own bread.  I left the dough to rise while we went out to dinner.  I let it rise too much!!! it was supposed to be baked when the dough rose 1 inch above the mold not 3!!!

but I baked it anyways and it was fluffy as crap!

cut some slices and throw them in my griddler

thats an ugly end piece.  I picked at the fresh bread the night before.  Ugly bread like ugly tofu.  Thats how I roll. 

close up the Griddler.  Thanks Alice and Simon for the awesome gift.

and you get ugly ass pressed ham and cheese sandwiches for breakfast.  Ugly sandwiches.

Made some spaghetti with turkey meatballs.

 and with the leftovers Im trying out boil in bag meals.  We shall see how these taste when I reheat them in boiling water.

 and some pork tenderloin we had the other night.  Byeee!!!

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