Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A geek post since ones long overdue... but this ones food related so its okay. I bought this broken thing on Ebay.   Its a Haake E52 immersion circulator.  The water circulator worked but the heating element never got hot.  For $26.00 I decided to get it and see if I could fix it.

Things all beat up!  but in working condition they are worth hundreds of dollars!  Turns out the main circuit board was dead.  The heating element was fine. 

So I gutted it and started getting my replacement parts together.

Heating element and water circulator both in working condition.

had a big hole to patch up... figured why not use a wine cork!!!

and then jam my new temperature probe through it

and then add the new digital temperature controller

 along with a SSR relay.  Everything fit perfectly!

 Moment of truth... fire up or set the house on fire?

and it works perfectly!

Gave the cover a nice shiny gloss white paint job.

and now I have a brand new Haake E2 circulator, a remodeled E52 circulator, and....

...my home made versions.  I have since given one away and retired another.  Who needs 5 immersion circulators?? 

Whats this good for???

Cooking shit to the exact temperature you want.


  1. Beautiful! What kind of digital controller did you use? Is it also Haake?

  2. Nice Job, where did you get the coil elements for your circulator? Do they do a better job than the three coffee heater elements you have in the middle circulator?

  3. Oh wow I didnt realize I recieved any comments here.
    I dont receive any notification but if you guys are still wondering... The coils are from Ebay. Do a search for Garden Water Heater and you will find some. The temp controllers are generic PID controllers from ebay as well.

  4. Great Job, thanks for sharing
    I just picked up a used Haake E52 and was wondering if you can help me do the same thing you did on yours.

    Can you tell me the parts you used and how to wire it, thank you so much!
    I have a temperature controller with thermal probe but not sure how to wire everything up.

    1. Hey Rich
      You will need a PID controller, a 25 amp SSA Relay, a thermocouple and some wire.

      Looks like you have everything except the relay. They are cheap and while you might be able to wire everything without one I would recommend you use one.

      The wiring is going to mimic that of the DIY sous vide setup from Seattle food Geeks website. http://seattlefoodgeek.com/2010/02/diy-sous-vide-heating-immersion-circulator-for-about-75/

      Just wire the heating element like it shows in the instructions. Make sure the motor for the water pump is wired in to always be on when the system is on. It should be pretty straight forward if you can follow the instructions on the diagram from the link above.

      You can see from picture 6 and 8 that they fit pretty nicely into the unit once the existing controller board is removed.

      Sorry its been quite a while since I did this and it was such a quick mod that I dont remember much else.

      Hope that helps!
      If you need further assistance you can email me at mushupork@gmail.com and send pictures if you have questions and I can try to guide you along!


  5. Hey, is there any setpoint on the Haake E2? I just picked one up cheaply and am unable to find any documentation. I took out the Jumo thermometer and cant see any way to change the setpoint on that, and can't figure out what's going on under the fairing. Please let me know if you have any info, and thanks for the useful post.