Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random pictures from Aminas phone
This is from Mayur and Leighs wedding.  They had the reception in their parents friends house in kailua I think it was.  Some rich guy that owns some store... Foodland I think it was.  =P

all bedrooms face the pool

twas quite nice wish I was rich

dunno why amina took a pic of the rainbow drive in menu

and this one too 

when she went to barcelona with Lester.  Chocolate and...

churros!!! at 4am.
 juices are soo pretty!!!

fishes look so tasty!!!

the beers look so good!

the conservas look soooooo heavenly

 the seafood looks devine!

some weird ring amina bought.  I guess thats a puffer fish

and the DIY projects she takes on at home that I end up doing.


paint everything!!!

her tofu lunch at work  looks pretty good!

the cheese room at gourmet and more

an entire room of cheese

and the longest piece of uni we have ever seen.  deliciously gross.

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