Monday, August 13, 2012

We asked the kids what they wanted for dinner and I think they said Red Robin... I hadnt been in a decade so I had fun!

Endless Fries!!!  

Amina eating her burger and being a good sport.

Nyla had a side salad with her kids burger meal.  How very grown up of her.

 HA!!! Look at the tower of onion rings!!! and look at Bobby!!! HA and look at out of focus Amina.  Booo.

Then the next night we had FILIPINO FOOD with Donovan and Kim.  I give the Phillipines the gold medal for most fatty ass foods.  The Silver goes to Hawaiian food.   Fried lumpia, fried pork belly bits with fried tofu and fried fish balls. 

 beef and veggie soup deliciouso!  tasted korean to me.

beef caldaretta was really good/

garlic rice

and umm crispy pork prata.  Two deep fried ham hocks.  Yeah man it was tasty.

and we had dessert.  God as if all that pork fat wasnt enough.  Coconut ice cream

and halo halo with ube ice cream on top.  Mmmmm I need a salad.

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