Wednesday, August 15, 2012

and the pictures from Aminas phone that actually look okay!!!
Yes even she takes shitty pictures so they fit quite well in the shitty food blog.  See previous entry.

okay back to the okay ones.  I like the way Amina steamed the chinese snausage and pork.

I think this was some sort of oyster omelet!  

We do vietnamese at home quite a bit.  Feels healthy

I dont remember when we made prime rib.  This one looks a TAD overdone.  look at the size of that thing.  Its like australia.

My moms house.  This is the norm.  Tons of banchans, and a protein of some sort like kalbi, and a stew of some sort.  ALWAYS a soup or stew on the stove.  I miss my mom.  Sighhh...

We served oysters the other month and this pic turned out okay.

okay this was a lame effort on my part to plate up corned beef.  I do not know what Im doing.  Hopefully  I will be able to overcome my lack of talent with enough practice and make some pretty dishes.

Again this would have been a pretty plate if it wasnt so goddamn messy and I knew what I was doing.

and this was at a dinner at Andrew and Suz.  Drew and I made foie two ways. mmmmmm

braised ox tail over a bed of rice noodles

smoked salmon tataki I made at home

this was from Ramen night at our house.  Home made momofuku recipe ramen.  Was pretty good!

I love RITZ!!! and aminas conservas that she smuggled from barcelona.

this dish made no sense.  If it were a fish dish it mighta made sense but thats steak. hahah!

and we made some fried doughnuts!  sugary cinnamony delicious

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